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Bridge Links


The World Bridge Federation The WBF is the international body which is responsible for maintaining the laws of duplicate bridge. ( For this and other links below you may see an 'unsecure' message from your browser but they are OK to view.)

The European Bridge League The EBL administers duplicate bridge in Europe. 


The English Bridge Union The EBU is the national bridge organisation for England. The link to the left is the general access point.  Members wishing to access their accounts should click here or for the EBU blog click here.


Somerset Contract Bridge Association The SCBA is an association as defined in the EBU byelaws

Online Bridge Sites

Bridge Base Online  BBO  is the premier online bridge site offering the widest variety of activities.  It started with a text-based interface and later added audio in some situations.  It is only just beginning to add live video to some activities, however.  You can play with and/or against robots so you can always get a game and there are many free activities.

RealBridge is a relative newcomer by comparison but was designed from the outset to provide full audio and visual communications between players.  It has no robots.

Bridge Club LIve is a long established but perhaps lesser known online club since there are no free activities.

Famous Bridge Teachers

Andrew Robson offers a wide variety of activities including face to face bridge at a real club, daily video lessons for players of different standards, supervised online play and courses at his club.  He has lots of free videos on YouTube.

Bernard Magee offers a range of residential courses at hotels and on cruises.  He also gives online lectures, many of which are freely available on YouTube.  

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